The story of World of Happy Bay

Ocean vibes and high tides, Summer hues and surf rides!


Welcome to The World of Happy Bay.


We're on a voyage to cruise you through the palm boulevards and deep-sea plunges. A resort wear ensemble that intends to make you feel exactly how the sound of crashing waves and the coastal breeze brushing your face feel- Fresh, Blissful and Rejuvenated.


We are here to create for you an experience of escapades- seeking a bohemian, free-spirited take on resort fashion that’s designed to make you feel mellow and comfortable. Our feather-weight fabric, contemporary prints, signature colour palette and breezy silhouettes are a mindful reflection of your witty and confident self. 


We, at HB, are in harmony with nature, the ocean and mother earth through our choice of weave and playful patterns. So, come join us in this journey of bringing to you a very simple, minimal and balanced aesthetical resort couture.